Personal Care Assistant Services

Consumer Directed Personal Care Services (CDPCS) puts you in charge of your in-home personal care services, Access Alaska provides supports and administrative oversight

As a Consumer Directed Personal Care service program we provide services to people with disabilities who are on Medicaid, VA Benefits, Long Term Care Insurance or Private Pay. The CDPCS program assists older Alaskans and people with disabilities in meeting their individual health and personal care needs by offering them consumer control in the direct provision of their care. The consumer receiving services must be capable of managing their own care or have a Power of Attorney or Guardian that will oversee the services.

As a Consumer Directed Program, consumers may select, train and supervise the direct service provider of their choice (some restrictions apply).


Other Information:

State of Alaska – We are held to State PCS Regulations. If you would like to know more, follow the link provided.

Access Alaska is a non-profit agency

What makes us different? Our ‘profits’ go back into the community, providing services for Alaskan Elders and those who experience a disability. We believe in choice and making an informed decision on who provides your care.